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Monday, July 18, 2011

Star #20

Star #20 is someone I really appreciate.  I have known him for a few years and have seen him do quite a few things to make a difference.  I have seen how he runs his business life with good character and efficiency.  I have seen him volunteer in a variety of roles with different organizations.  He has often been active in assisting many community groups in their fund raising efforts.  You may know him from his time at Wal-Mart or McMurray Coin or even Marks Work Wearhouse, Derek Esabrooks is a good friend and great member of our community.

I could probably take way too much time here to talk about how I have seen Derek make a difference.  He has a heart to make sure that young people and children are growing and healthy.  He has sacrificed literally MONTHS of His life volunteering.  A real leader, yet often happy to quietly be in the background, Derek is always someone you can count on.  He is someone who always encourages me.

Thanks Derek for who you are and all you do, you are one of the stars of our community!


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