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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Star #21

Star #21 is a young man who spends a lot of his time beneath the radar.  He is not on a bunch of committees or a leader of many organizations.  Instead he is a high school student who serves others with a willing heart.  He has been known to speak up when he sees that something is not right and I really like those qualities in a young man.

Ryan Hlushak is Star #21 for His dedication to being a part of things that help others be effective.  Things like our Church multimedia team, where he has given a lot of his time not only for regular Sundays but also for special events, weddings, funerals, childrens events etc...  I see the qualities in him that are much needed in the younger generation in our community.  Qualities like - a willingness to volunteer, a good work ethic, a respectful attitude, steady dedication to a cause and tasks.  Thanks Ryan for all you do and the example you are even at your young age.  You are a Star here in our community.


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