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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Star #10

Star #10 again could really be "stars" plural because there are a lot of them.  When people take a lot of their time and energy to raise funds to fight a disease like cancer it is noteworthy.  But those who are taking part in the relay for life are so much more than just fund raisers.  So many are "survivors" who have fought cancer and won.  Others are those who have lost people to this disease and they walk in their memory.  Still others are there to support these and to bring awareness and funding to help us have a larger number of "survivors".

To all of you who are taking part in the relay, you are stars and you brighten up our community.  To everyone who volunteers their time to make this even happen, you are also stars and your efforts and energy are shining bright tonight as well.  It is so good to live in a community where people understand giving back and making a difference in so many different ways. Thank you all for your example and great community spirit!

A late addition to this is that over $400,000.00 was raised this year through the relay, Great Job everyone!


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