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Monday, June 6, 2011

Star #2

Star #2 of Wood Buffalo is someone that I have known for quite a few years.  His name is Reuben Carpenter.  Reuben is a regular guy, retired and still here though which is good but not the norm for our area.  Most days he can be seen serving and helping out at the soup kitchen @ Fellowship Baptist Church.  I really appreciate Reuben, he is a solid and committed volunteer, caring for needs in our community.  He doesn't serve at the soup kitchen because he attends FBC, because he doesn't.  Rather he serves because his heart is to help those in need.

If you know Reuben, then you know he has had a lot of his own challenges, hurts and difficulties.  Yet he continues on to help others and seek to make a difference.  What a great example of the serving spirit of our community.  Thanks Reuben for your great example of serving others.


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