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Friday, June 24, 2011

Star #18

Star #18 is someone who has made an impact on me.  He has inspired me with his attitude about life.  For as long as I have known him he was always happy to help people out.  If someone needed advice on a construction project or home reno, he was happy to do what he could to make sure they did not head in the wrong direction. He has been known as a great example of a consistent work ethic, friendly smile and enjoying a coffee at Tims with people.  He is also known as a fighter, yep a fighter.  Dave Black has been fighting cancer for a couple of years.  Over the time of his fight, he has lived out a deep faith and commitment to life, such a great example for us all.

At times Dave has had victories over cancer, but even in the hard and dark times of his battle, he loves to smile and laugh with his family and friends.  Lately I don't get much chance to visit with Dave because of the strong medications he is on.  Often if I stop by he is sleeping soundly in the hospital.  The times when I get a few moments with him are always special.

Dave is Star #18 and has been someone who I believe has made a difference here.  His example and attitude I believe will continue to have an impact even after his battle with cancer is over.  Dave is a reminder to me of the regular people who live in our community and even in the midst of great struggle and hardship they teach us to smile and to cherish the moments of life we have been given.

Dave, thanks for being you, thanks for being my friend, I will always appreciate you!


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  1. Today Dave Black passed away. I went and saw him Sunday afternoon and prayed for him. I know he is in heaven where he belongs and his suffering is over. I will miss him, he was a friend and a source of encouragement in my life. My condolences to his family, I will keep you in prayer during this difficult time.