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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Star #17

Star #17 - I know that I am committed to showing the regular people here who make a difference.  But today's star is also an elected official.  But it is not the long term of service on council that has made him a star in our community.  Rather it is his huge heart and commitment to so many areas of our community.  Whether he is referee for a minor hockey game, teaching grade 2 Sunday School, helping with fundraising auctions like the Soup Kitchen or leading fitness and fellowship groups like his FIT trekkers that do hikes, canoeing, and curling just to name a few things.  Phil Meagher is someone who inspires a lot of people about giving back and making a difference.

Phil, you are appreciated for all that you do here to make our community a better place.  Thank you for being one of our stars.


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