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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star #16

Star #16 is someone who is quite quiet and behind the scenes, maybe that is like a lot of the stars in our community.  They are seeking to do their part and help make a difference and most people have no idea just how much of a difference maker they are.  Star #16 is my friend Wayne McDonald.  Some people will know Wayne from the work he does at Suncor, but this engineer does a lot more than just work.  Wayne has spent a lot of time giving back to our community.  Whether it is the time he has spent helping with the youth of our community through Church youth groups and Young Life, or his strong support for the Centre of Hope.  Wayne has no fear of getting behind something he believes in.

Yet even further off the grid, it is common for me to hear little bits about how Wayne has gone out of his way to help people out.  Just on a personal level, not as some program or with an organization.  Wayne has a BIG HEART and I see him as a real star here in our community.

Thanks Wayne for all you do and who you are for our community!


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